Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Short Story Part 1

With my face buried in the pillow, I cried quietly, hoping not to wake my housemates.

I turned the lock, pushed against the frame carefully, and stepped to the side. He was there, waiting for me. I took his hand in mine and squeezed tightly. Together, we fell onto the bed, hand in hand.

He was different than the other boys. He was different than everybody. We were best friends, and one day I hoped he would ask me to be his girlfriend.

We silently laid on our backs holding hands for some time. I stared up at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling until I gathered the courage to speak. When I finally developed the nerve, I turned my head to the side. He did the same.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” I asked.

He shook his head. “not yet.”

I rolled my head to the side and gazed up at the ceiling,feeling foolish for having asked.

“But I will be your best friend forever.” He said.

“You promise? I asked. I did the same and we swore.

Dressed in board shorts and an old tee shirt, at first glance he resembled a handsome hunk. His skin was deep bronze in color and he had the muscular structure of an athlete. With his handsome looks and a tasteful sleeve of tattoos down to one wrist, he could have had a career as a model if he chose to. Instead, he spent his time surfing on facebook and chatting with whoever he deemed worthy of his time and effort.

I wasn’t here yesterday. He cleared his throat and pushed the refrigerator closed.

As he turned around, his hair fell into his face. He lived a life of solitude and kept to himself. I had been in and out of many relationships, none worth the time I devoted to them, and not a single one produced a fraction of the satisfaction my friendship with Rony did.

Outsiders viewed him as antisocial, withdrawn and unfriendly, but they didn’t know him the way I did. I understood whey he was the way he was, and further knew him as being none of those things. Rony was kind, caring,funny and wanted nothing more than to be allowed to live life in the manner he was comfortable with.

Scrubbing my mind of the lingering sexual desires that seemed to be so freely inhabiting my mind was much more of something that I had hoped for, I lay in the bed on the side, next to him.
He admired by sense of fashion. Shorts, flats and a tasteful turquoise tank were a simple choice but seeing my arms exposed satisfied him greatly. He was everything to me, he had been my best and only friend since we were in fourth grade. I didnt need to be friends with everyone, but I certainly needed to be friends with someone. Rony became that someone.

I knew him so well, I actually could make out what exactly he was thinking at that very moment, we were so close. Yet, there was
something which I felt was incomplete in me.

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