Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gen X Love or something like it - On Skype!!

It had been a week on skype chat. They got to know each other through facebook. Rahul had added Sonia and she had accepted his request. Photos were exchanged and they started speaking to each other. She was in delhi and he was in london. Rahul and sonia had formed a connection. Even when they had not met in person yet.

Excerpts from their chat (in chat lingo)

"I like you" she said. Why you say so?,he asks.

I mean u try to sought out thngs fr me
In jus soo less time u make me feel spcl in ur own ways.
Rahul -
Love is not wanting,Its giving.
Sonia- Hmmm true,But hard to do

Sonia- Im glad ive come across u

Sonia: So thts wat i fear.. Wen i get close to ppl.. Any frnd or anyone.. N i feel connected.. Sumthng happens n i feel heart broken

Rahul: ok, i hav nt told u many things
Sonia: Like wat

Rahul: But its rite that ur scared,even I am.
Coz am also investing my feelings and all.
Its vry hard to start frm scratch
But hav left it to god

Sonia: U knw wat
I seriously jus felt like talking to u tuday.. Thrughout the day i waited kab raat hogi n ill talk to u

Rahul: Oh thanks thats a romantic thing to say- a compliment 😘

Sonia: Did i make u smile?

Rahul: Yes

Sonia: Uve been making me smile since ive spoken to u
The othr day even i dint realise we spoke fr 2 hrs

Rahul: yes,time flies with you.

Sonia: Lets promise to each other
V will always b honest.. No matter wat happens

Rahul: But few thngs i can tell whn we meet only
So i told u that already whn time comes i will tell

Sonia: Im glad v will meet soon

Rahul: Luv ur eyes,And ur simplicity

Sonia: Its simple with u
I dont hv to pretend

I am d way i am, and i like that.
Mad.. Dumb.. Thts me at times

Rahul: Gud,I like that.

sonia- abb mai sweet swweeet baate kar rahi hu n aapko answer nai karna

Rahul: Abhi kuch meetha ho jaye

Rahul: Mujhe gift aaj raat ko chahiye

Sonia- Kuch toh hoga choclate or sweets
Sonia: Aaj raat ko?? Kaise

Rahul: Skype pe sab hota hai
Rahul: U can send Love

Sonia: 20 days to goo.. U can see me live

RAHUL: Drream impossible

RAHUL: Wat were yOU dreaming last nght

SONIA- Feel like hugging u n sleeping😍😍

RAHUL: Come now

Cant wait to hold u
Biggggg hug

SONIA: So u plan to hug me wen v meet
Pecks on cheeks also is custom HERE
SONIA: Hahahahahahah

Acha yeh nai pata tha mujhe

RAHUL- Good bahut cheze pata chalengi

Pehle ek bigg huggie

N den ..Eyes nose cheeks
Acha abb plz soo jao

Rahul: Ok darling

SONIA: Gn sweetheart

RAHUL: 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘miss u
SONIA: Mee too

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