Friday, July 3, 2015

Dubai- the start of a new life

Its seven in the morning and the alarm rings me awake. What a lovely day. Been two months in dubai and am loving the change. Living in delhi for the last ten years, this was a welcome change and long due. I felt I was on my own here. Away from family, it’s fun to be independent. Live my own life, my way.
At first everything seemed new. I had got a job at an IT company in dubai and the first thing that you do when you come here, is that you get an apartment and apply for your driving license. Yes, it takes a while to get a license here. Looking for an affordable Apartment is a tough thing here. Be ready to shell out two to six thousand a month depending on if you are single or with family. The cost of living has certainly gone up here and you will be lucky if you get to save some of your salary every month.

Luckily, till I get my driving license, the transport system is well in place in the city. The city is well connected with metro and buses. But being from delhi, if you don’t have a car here, you are not used to walking even to the metro station. It sure looks like a long walk the first few weeks and your legs will start killing you as you aren’t used to it. Well, that’s the thing. You got to get used to new things, adapt and overcome those feelings. The city grows on you. You can be alone and have good time being in your thoughts and your own space. After work if you want to enjoy the evenings, the variety of entertainment options and opportunities is unfathomable. What is great, as there is a great mix of people from all cultures and all walks of life. You get to interact and learn from people from all over the world who have come to dubai for earning a living.

All new migrants stay towards the southern part of the city. I am working at JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers) and it is one of the best places to be at. The proximity to Metro line, accessibility to all parts of the city, restaurant & shopping options and the whole community feel makes it a very lucrative area.

There is no dearth of eating options in Dubai. You name the cuisine and one can list a thousand options, like literally! The more happening joints are at DIFC. The malls are the places to shop and have a good entertaining time like the Dubai mall and Mall of emirates to name a few. Dubai is a huge tourist destination and its always great to see new faces at these malls. There are some super restaurants at the Marina area – most of them also come with beautiful views. Jumeira Beach residence has some good options. Having a few friends from college working in dubai, is always a good thing. I am learning more about the city and new places to hang out.

Since I am in sales, I get to visit corporates and meet new people. I really like the work culture here too. People are very professional and there is focus on relations and they respect time. Weekends I get to spend doing what I like to do. Taking time out for health and hobbies like food and writing is what keeps my adrenalin on a high always. Looking forward to make the city my second home.


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