Friday, February 10, 2017

Betty- The new product for Home Automation solutions

We often forget to turn off A/C, geyser, refrigerator or water motor pump before rushing to work. And the punishment comes in the form of heavy power bills at the end of every month. While there are many IoT applications to manage energy and monitor consumption at large enterprises, there is none for the common man.

A Gurgaon-based startup has come up with a solution to address this. The company, Beyond Evolution, has developed a smart plug under its new IoT platform BeConnected that enables you to control electric devices remotely and on the go.

There are many IoT-based energy management and monitoring solutions available in the market, but most of them are catering to the affluent and the rich, as well as large enterprises. We are however targeting people like you and me with our smart plug Betty,” its Co-founder-CEO Saurabh Sharma says.

The startup was founded in 2013 by Sharma, an Engineer and MBA graduate and “entrepreneur by passion”. Beyond Evolution is a mobile apps development and IT solutions company that develops end consumer app solutions for telcos and enterprises.

Betty is a smart plug-cum-mobile app that lets you remotely control and monitor your household appliances from anywhere, anytime and on the go. Betty can be used to switch on/off your appliances, monitor electricity usage and cost, and secure your home when you’re away. The user can connect multiple devices into the plug and leave for work without having to worry about the energy wastage and exorbitant power energy consumption.

“In addition to tracking the usage and consumption, the plug also has a feature to schedule your routine activities on the appliances, so that the appliance automatically turns on/off at the set time and send alerts to all users when done,” added Sharma.

Betty comes equipped with many other unique features, including an intruder alert. The user will receive an alert if there is an intruder detected by the motion sensor, coming with the device. Betty can detect movements within 30 feet of its proximity to notify you and your emergency contacts via text and email when there is an intrusion.

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